Wednesday, 22 June 2011

CFW 6.39/6.35/6.20 Pro-B7 Released

CFW 6.39/6.35/6.20 Pro-B7 Released

The PRO team has released an official update to their custom firmwares. For those of you using the nightly builds you should definitely move on to this official release as it’s sure to be much more stable, plus it’s got tons of improvements. This custom firmware is for all PSP’s and has the new memory speed up feature that is very similar to Dark_ALex’s old MS speed hack, which helps improve read rates.

To clear things up, some unofficial builds have incorrectly been referred to as “PRO-B7″ This build is the OFFICIAL PRO-B7 release, straight from the developers themselves. Sorry for the confusion in the past.

Anyway, here is the changelog for the official PRO-B7 build:
[!] Fixed NODRM Engine (DDF012 DLC Costume Bug)
[!] Improved Inferno Game Compatiblity (GTA China Town, Corda2f, etc.)
[!] Updated scePower_driver NID Resolver
[!] Added Configuration Reset on PRO Update
[!] Added DA psp-packed user module support
[+] Added UMD VIDEO / GAME XMB Mount Feature (No UMD required, allows for Game Updates)
[+] Added Custom IPL Flasher for 6.39 PRO (1g, 2g hackable mainboard permaflash)
[+] Added non latin1 ISO filename support
[+] Added memory stick speedup option
[+] Added ISO cache option (available in Inferno and NP9660)
As stated before, if you’ve been keeping up with the nightly builds then this release should include many improvements. A big hanks to all the developers who contribute to this project, including Coldbird, VirtuousFlame, neur0n, and anyone else I’ve missed. Keep up the great work guys!
Downloads are below as per normal. Pick the one that mathces the firmware your on or your previous PRO-B6 FW.

  Custom Firmware 6.39Pro-B7
Custom Firmware 6.35Pro-B7
Custom Firmware 6.20Pro-B7

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