Saturday, 28 May 2011

CFW 6.39 ME v2 For Psp 3000 Released

Guys! The PSP Scene is booming now more than ever!  Neur0n is rocking the PSP scene, now with CFW 6.39 ME-2 with PSP 3000 Support.  NO PSPgo Support!

Developer Notes:
– What is this? —
This is LCFW installer for OFW6.39.
Only work on 01g ,02g , 03g, 04g, 07g and 09g model.
05g (GO)is not supported.
The degree of stability is still unknown.
Please test it on your own and refer to different people’s test reports.
– How to use –
Copy “installer” folder and “launcher” folder at “ms0:/PSP/GAME/”
– Preparation –
First. You need to install LCFW modules in your PSP.
1.Execute “639 installer” from XMB.
2.You can select these action:
Press x to install LCFW.
Press [] to uninstall LCFW.
Press R to exit.
After the action, PSP will rboot.
Start LCFW –
1.Execute “639 launcher” from XMB.
2. enjoy :)
Custom Firmware 6.39 (PSP 3000)

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